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♥ UPDATE: 01/30/15 

We are pleased to announce that we have a litter of Havapoo puppies born January 2nd, and a litter of purebred Havanese born January 7th.  

If you are interested in getting a puppy, please contact us.

These puppies will be ready to go to their news homes in early March. 




Here are some of previous puppies. 



Our Havapoo puppies are raised in our happy home. They are loved, held and kissed, so they are on their way to being well-socialized dogs. Their parents are cherished members of our family and we want these puppies to be just as loved and spoiled. If you want a small inside dog who wants to sit with you and give you love, loyalty and kisses, these puppies could be for you. 


Havapoos are non shedding dogs. Our Havapoo puppies have had their tails docked and their dew claws removed.  Each puppy will have a vet health check and a first set of shots before going to their new home. The puppies' father is a 13-pound black and white Havanese, who is AKC registered. Our moms are an 13-pound white Poodle, a 7-pound chocolate Poodle, and a 7-pound phantom colored Poodle, who are all AKC or CKC registered. The parents are here for you to meet as well when you come to pick up your puppy.


We also will occasionally have purebred Havanese puppies available. The mommy and daddy are both   13-pound, black and white, AKC registered Havanese. Havanese are happy, affectionate, friendly, playful and loving companion dogs. They are not a noisy breed, and bark very little. They are happiest when following you around and sitting on your lap. Havanese are non-shedding dogs. Each puppy will have a vet health check and a first set of shots before going to their new home. Both mom and dad are here for you to meet as well when you come to pick up your puppy. Although both parents are AKC registered, these puppies will not have papers.


 Here are videos of some of our puppies playing!




If you are interested in being on our email mailing list, please call ((530) 261-0152) or email me. I will notify the people on the list in advance about available puppies before any advertisement goes out.  You then have a better chance of getting a puppy.

To see pictures of our past litters, click here or click on "Previous Litter Photos" above.

To see pictures of our parents, click here or click on "The Parents" above.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my Havapoo or Havanese puppy shed?

A: No. Poodles and Havanese do not shed, and neither will your puppy.



Q: What is the personality of these puppies?

A: Our puppies are all affectionate lapdogs. They are happy, playful and friendly. They will want to follow you around the house and be your new best friend.



Q: How much do these puppies cost?

A: Both Havapoo and Havanese puppies are $550.


Q: How do you socialize my puppy?

A: Your puppy is raised in our kitchen with family and friends coming and going all day. The puppies are constantly getting petted, held, hugged, kissed and played with, which makes for a very friendly dog later on.



Q: How big will my puppy be?

A: It depends on the mother. I will have puppies that range from 7 lbs to 13 lbs when full grown. I can usually tell you if your puppy will be on the smaller or larger side. 



Q: How old does my puppy have to be before I can bring him home?

A: Your puppy must be 8 weeks or older before he can go to his new home.



Q: Will my puppy have a vet check and first set of shots before I bring him home?

A: Yes. A few days before you pick up your puppy he will receive a vet check to guarantee that he is a healthy puppy, and his first set of shots.You will receieve a copy of the vet papers when you pick up your puppy.



Q: When will my puppy need his next set of shots?

A: Your puppy will need his vaccinations every 3-4 weeks until he is 16 weeks old.



Q: When will my puppy need his rabies shot?

A: Your puppy has his rabies shot at or after 16 weeks of age.



Q: Will my puppy be wormed?

A: Yes. Your puppy receives a heartworm prevention tablet before going to his new home. This heartworm prevention tablet not only kills heartworm, but many other common worms as well. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and your veternarian will tell you if they are a threat in your area and if you should continue giving your puppy this inexpensive monthly tablet.



Q: Your puppies sell so quickly! Can I reserve a puppy ahead of time?

A:  Puppies are first come first serve! If you are interesting in adopting a puppy, let us know, and we will put you on our waiting list. Then, we will let you know when litters are available. The first people to contact us about a litter will get first pick of that litter, and so on.


Q: Are the parent dogs registered purebreds?

A: Yes. They are all either AKC or CKC registered. Their papers are here if you would like to look at them.


Q: WIll my puppy be pee pad trained?

A: Yes. Your puppy will have already started his pee pad training here at my house.


Q: Will my puppy be crate trained?

A: Yes. Your puppy sleeps in a crate at night. Your puppy thinks of his crate as his bedroom. A crate is a wonderful place to keep your puppy safe and comfortable at night or if you must leave your puppy unattended for a short time.


Q: What do you recommend I have ready for my new puppy?


A: A crate, blankets or towels, toys, small rawhides, potty pads, and a food and water bowl are all important things for you to have for your puppy.


Q: Are the dew claws removed and tails docked on these puppies?

A: The Havapoos have their dew claws removed and their tails docked Poodle-length. The purebred Havanese do not.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located off Interstate 5 approximately 3 1/2 hours north of Sacramento.